23. helmikuuta 2014

EF Videos!

Jos EF:n kautta maailmalle lähteminen kiinnostaa, suosittelen ehdottomaksi katsomaan alla näkyvät videot. Mulle ainakin tuli hurja inspiraatio näistä!

/ I just can't stop watching these videos! If you are interested in travelling with EF, I really do recommend watching these!

"Somewhere in the world, you will express yourself in new language and life will a take new direction"
"You have so many places to go, and we like to help you to get there!"

"We have helped million of students step out of their comfort zones and into the world."

World will not come to you, you have to come to the world!

"One passport
One discovery
One dream"

California, here I come!

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