13. helmikuuta 2014

Gift from EF + Ambassador of the month!


I think a lot of don't really know what EF ambassador is, so I think I can tell something about ambassadors in my next post! But right now I'm gonna show you what I got from EF! Me, and my friend Stiina got these gifts from EF, because we organized EF Street Action in Joensuu, and it we succeeded really well! :)

We got pink EF bags, hoodies, EF bracelets, Uniikki's album (finnish rapper) and a lot of other fun stuff.

These ambassador hoodies are new and we were the first ones who got these in Finland! 

Hahah, enough bracelets !

Ambassador of the month ! *.* 

Have a great day everybody, and don't forget to order a EF brochure, if you are interested in travel abroad, get to know new people and improve you language skills! *Click here*

Later! :)

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