25. helmikuuta 2014

My summer in Malta! EF PARTIES


Aattelin täällä blogissa tälläsen postaussarjan "My summer in Malta", (tai no katotaan nyt miten monta osaa tähän teen) missä kerron aina erikseen eri osa-alueittain mun kielimatkasta tarkemmin syventyen aina yhteen aiheeseen. Ajattelin kirjottaa tän englanniksi, mutta en usko et teillä suomalaisilla on vaikeuksia sen ymmärtämisessä. Tää on tosiaan ehkä vähän myöhässä, koska mun piti tehdä tällänen jo kaks vuotta sitten, mutta parempi myöhään kuin ei milloinkaan, haha!

I'm starting this new 'blog posting series' called "My summer in Malta". It's been almost 2,5 years since I was in Malta, but better late than never! 

First, I'm gonna tell you about EF Parties! In my opinion, those were the best part! At the same time, we were having fun, we also get to know new people and exercise!
In Malta we had about 3 EF parties per week, and all of them were awesome. One of the best things were EF SUMMER SONGS & DANCES! When I came to Malta, I haven't no idea that EF have some kind of summer song or dance, and I was scared that I couldn't learn all the dance moves and all that other stuff. Now when I'm looking back, I'm thinking that it doesn't matter at all because those dances were so easy and we just had so much fun! Our summer song was Kesha's Blow, and I still remember the dance moves (almost at least)

And here goes the Official Party video about EF Summeranza 2011 feat. Ke$ha! It really makes me miss Malta even more.

Every summer EF have their own summer song and the artist who's going to perform in festival called Summeranza!

Last summer (2013) it was SkyBlu from LMFAO

Now, I'm gonna tell you about my experiences,
for example I was in beach party...  

...in Comino By Night... (party on the boat!)

...and many others! We had Pool Party, Foam Party, EF discos, and also "Mega Party" on the place where the "Popeye the Sailor Man" movie is filmed. And of course all of the parties were international, we get to know people from other countries and had a great time! Almost all of the party places had food service. So usually, before the party started, we ate something to get some energy to dance, swim and just hang out. 
I think parties were so much fun, because we really get to Live The Language and having fun with it! Take me back, please! 

If you are interested in see more, you should check out EF loves music playlist on youtube! Click here.

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